Tempura Ebi
Tempura Ebi Japanese Seafood Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor, Rawang Supplier, Wholesaler, Supply, Supplies | Starlicious Sdn Bhd
Tempura Ebi is one of the first production in Japanese seafood series. Starlicious tempura ebi is not using treamented white prawn. The prawn is produced by using sea prawn which the prawn meat texture is palatable with strong prawn taste. Every packing of the prawn is in IQF form (Instant Quick Frozen) and hygiene processed with -40c blast freezing technique to keep away from bacteria grown. Clients can purchase the prawn and used own tempura battered formula to cook with.

Product Info

Type Peeled Tail-On
Size 2L 3L
Packing 500g

How to get the seafood 'FRESH' in all times!

  1. Defroze the prawn with chill water to keep hygine.
  2. The prawn need to be kept in freezer -20c if not used up. (*still with frozen pack)
  3. The prawn need to be cooked in two days after defrozing.
*The prawn only can keep with 1 day in Chiller with 3c to 0c
*The prawn only can keep with 2 days in freezer with 0c to -7c
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